Saturday, January 14, 2012

The House Party Cast of Characters

Hey y'all,

Have you been wondering how this blog came to be called, TBelle's House Party{ Even if you haven't, please pretend like you have.}  One of the inspirations was the old Art Linkletter House Party show which probably no one but TBelle remembers.  Although I was a little girl when it was on the air,  I loved the household tips, interviews, quizzes and watching the celebrities chat it up with Art.  Most people remember House Party for the segment, Kids Say the Darndest Things.  Sometimes I watched in disbelief that some kid could say something utterly ridiculous.  I knew that, given the chance, Art and I would enjoy an intelligent conversation.   {You should know that I spent most of my formative years scheming how I could get my parents to get me a gig like Wednesday on the Addams Family or Tabitha on Bewitched.}

Anyway, Art had several BFF's who showed up at the house party regularly.  They all knew each other and had so much fun entertaining one another that they really didn't need to have some kid say a darndest thing.  {I'll own the fact that I may still have issues about my lack of a TV career.  On the other hand, I thankfully have never been the subject of a True Hollywood Story.} Regular viewers knew the regular House Party guests' kids, current spouse, pets, etc.  I thought it would be helpful for all of my guests to get acquainted with those near and dear to me who will be mentioned frequently on my blog. 

Mysterious Husband (MH)--I have a husband who is cute, funny, kind, insightful, smart, helpful, loving, and violently opposed to having his business discussed on any blog, FB page, talk show interview, etc.  He's following the example of Dolly Parton's husband, Carl Dean. 

Neal--my son and father of my grandson, Jelly  Bean.
Rachel Jane--my  daughter-in-law and mother of Jelly Bean.
Pooh--my daughter who follows my MH's suit when it comes to privacy

Quigley--my poodle/Jack Russell/ mini schnauzer mix rescue dog
Midas--my huge Japanese Bobtail cat
Jackson--my large tabby cat
Devan--my average-sized Tonkinese cat

The Cancer Queens--the cast members of Cancer Queens! A Cancer Prevention Musical Revue.  We have lots of adventures.

Jules & Buff--my BFF's from high school.  We met the first day of school in 1971 in our Home Ec. class at Greencastle High School, Greencastle, IN.  We've been friends ever since. 

The S & M's--my friends who are the epitome of gracious Southern ladies.  We all went to First United Methodist Church together in the '80's.  We call ourselves the S & M's because all of our names start with an S or M.  We take great delight in seeing the looks on people's faces when we say we're having an S & M party. 

Cynthia & Donna--my close friends for the past 10 years. 

Candace--my new friend who is a fabulous cook and brilliant and beautiful to boot. 

Jenn, Cindy and Jane--these are the friends with whom I get into all sorts of entertaining situations.

Whew,  I'm tired of writing and I bet you're tired of reading this.  Plus I still have an obscene amount of holiday paraphernalia to pitch or pack away (I'm leaning toward pitching).  Take a nap for me!



  1. I love it...I feel so special. Hope you write about some of our adventures over the years, but I'm not sure that people would believe some of them. I love being BFFs for 40 years. Hard to believe we were in high school when we were 5 years old. Geniuses, I tell you...

  2. Who is Art?? :) I'll have to search youtube. Love this post and descriptives about each group. Let's hear it for the turban girls!!! Woohoo!!

  3. Aww. I just read this!! Sweet :)