Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to My House Party

Hey, Y'all!  After weeks of preparing, it's time for my house party to begin.  Of course I'm still not really ready.  But I decided if I waited until every little detail of this blog suited me,  I'd never have any company.  So...I'm sure I'll be decorating and redecorating while we're visiting.

Even though today is New Year's Day my house still looks like Christmas. This is because I got my decorations up unusually late and couldn't bear the thought of stripping the house of all of its festive finery before today. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I am quite lazy.  I dread painstakingly wrapping up every ornament and struggling once again to pack things up so that I'll know where they are in 11 months.  But, as much as I dislike "undecorating" from Christmas, I love the sense of calm I experience in my house after all the overstimulating holiday finery has been removed to storage.  There are open spaces again and a lighter energy seems to flow through the house.  It occurred to me while I was sitting in church today that it is fitting that we start a new year after ending the previous year in a fair frenzy of holiday expectations, decorations,  celebrations and sometimes the disappointment that the actual holiday wasn't like the commercials on TV.  By the time I get to New Year's Eve I'm ready to carefully save the memories of special experiences in the preceding year, put the bad memories out with the trash and create an open space within me to welcome the possibilities of a new year offers me.  I hope you'll stop by my house party often and we'll enjoy 2012 together!

Love, TBelle

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! Your site looks great - can't wait to see more. Everyone loves a house party! ;) Jennifer @ Southern Junk Chic