Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey, Y'all,
After many months of increasing expectancy, my "nanancy" is almost to term.  Any day now my first grandchild (aka Jelly Bean) will be placed in my welcoming arms.  {Please note, I did not say "smothering" or "grasping" or "unyielding" arms.  They will be welcoming and I will share him with his parents, his Papa, extended family and other carefully screened people.} 

During the past few weeks MH and I have been winding up our  grandparently preparations.  We successfully completed our Grandparents Class after passing the swaddling and burping skills test and the oral exam covering our understanding of the latest childcare practices, childproofing our home and the fact that the parents are the gatekeepers to the grandchild. I still  need to find a frame for our Certificate of Achievement. 

After much consideration and vacillation, I have selected my Nana's welcoming ensemble.  This was more difficult than you might think.  It has to be comfortable and photograph well. Plus it needs to travel well because I'm thinking I need to pack my own hospital bag in case I get the text while I'm at work.

I learned at Grandparents Class that the family is supposed to decorate the mother's door.  This information alone was worth the class tuition.  I did not want to embarrass the gatekeepers with a naked hospital room door.  So I've made a voluminous bow and ordered an "It's a Boy" banner.  Hmmm...probably do need to pack a hospital bag big enough to hold the bow, banner and those removable 3M things to hang them. 

In the midst of all this dithery preparation I keep thinking about the difference between this time last year and this year.  Last year I kept my phone with me at all times in case the hospice nurse or my stepfather called me with news that Mama had taken a turn for the worse.  Each morning I woke up with a smothery sense of apprehension over what might happen in the next 24 hours.  This year I keep my phone with me at all times in case I get a call or text that the Jelly Bean is about to make his appearance.  Each morning I wake up with a bubbly sense of excitement and anticipation of what might happen in the next 24 hours.  All day every day I pray without ceasing for God to hold Rachel and the Jelly Bean in his right hand and thank Him for the gift of family and hope and memory. 

Hopefully the next post I write will be full of vital statistics and photos of a precious little boy.  I'll try to include one of the hospital room door, too!

Love and Tootles,


  1. How our lives do change from year to year. I am excited for you and wishing you all the best of luck!

  2. I'm really hoping that I'm one of the ""carefully screened" people that will get to hold Jelly Bean some day soon. Of course, I haven't been schooled in the latest whatever you need to be screened on, but maybe I'll squeeze by on my sad puppy eyes. I didn't know that there were grandparent classes. I was just figuring I'd follow after my momma and Ma-Ma and hope for the best. Who knew? I find myself checking my phone constantly, hoping for a text saying that he is here. The quilt is waiting for its label and off in the mail it will go. I can only imagine how excited you are. Can't wait!! Prayers to Rachel (and Neal, because if Rachel gets as cross as I was during labor, Neal will need prayer) and of course to Jelly Bean. Love you all!!